Anyone can benefit from music

You don't have to be smart, wealthy, well-connected, or even musically-talented to enjoy music.   If it's happening, all you need is to witness its power -- and listen.  In a country like Haiti, where the road to a brighter future often requires education, money, connections, talent, and luck, Hope on a String provides a spark of empowerment through music and that leads back to a strengthened community.

Music has the capability to heal deep emotional and psychological wounds

The frustration and grief of the 2010 earthquake further weakened Haiti’s social fabric, threadbare from two hundred years of social strife and corruption.  The expression of pain and suffering through music can heal wounds that hinder community unity and sustainable change.

Music gives people the opportunity for a voice

Whether performing or listening, anyone can identify with music. When a community joins together on a physical and emotional level around music, collective power exists.  With a strong voice, the community can determine its needs and take action to achieve its goals.

Lastly, music is the lifeblood of Haitian culture

 It is a foundation of Haitian creative expression and has been a stabilizing constant through a long history of chaos.  Hope on a String builds upon this rich musical tradition to bring about solidarity, unity, and hope for the future