Provide Instruments

Give an instrument that you no longer use

Have an old guitar sitting in the attic?  Are there old middle-school band instruments taking up space in your garage?  Please consider donating them to Hope on a String.


Our current instrument wish list:

  • Keyboards
  • Guitars (electric & acoustic)
  • Horns and wind instruments
  • Drums & drum kits

If you are interested in donating an instrument(s), please fill out the form below.  If the instrument you have is not listed above, click "other" in the form and we'll see if it could be a good match for us.  

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Educational materials and instrument supplies are important too!

We're looking for donations of all sorts of other music supplies.  We plan to build a music library and would be interested in any donations of:

  • Guitar strings (acoustic & electric)
  • Instructional books/sheet music
  • Reeds/drumheads/instrument parts
  • Music stands
  • Sound equipment